WHOIS 100, 2019-ongoing
Domains, WHOIS data, laser prints
100 sheets, 21 × 29.7 cm

WHOIS 100 claims one hundred top-level .com-domains of the world's most important private collectors and art patrons and registers them in the name of the artist.

The collection includes living collectors from 26 countries. The basis for the selection was a variety of databases, social media accounts and rankings or personal interests of the artist. The collection consists mainly of long-time collectors from the USA and Europe, but also tries to depict a more diverse picture.

The public WHOIS registration data, from which the owner of a domain becomes visible, is printed on 100 sheets. A copy of the data can be accessed via each of the registered domains, thus forming a publicly available online exhibit of the work.

 Copy of the WHOIS data (PDF, 28 MB)