Car Chase, 2019
Single-channel video
1920 x 1080, Color, Stereo
Loop, 5 min 21 sec

A collage of a loosely connected chase scene: a cream-colored Mercedes-Benz, a neon yellow Audi and a white painted BMW, all with Californian number plates, are pursued by the police through different locations in the USA.

The single-channel video Car Chase adopts the mechanisms of financial interventions in global market activities and transfers them to the medium of film. It's created from archive material originally filmed by Sony Pictures Entertainment as part of major studio productions. The scenes were never used in the finished films, so were offered for sale as a secondary use. For Car Chase, they were licensed, edited and dubbed with the support of the German film funding.

Additional credits
Sound Design: Denis Elmaci
Video footage provided by Sony Pictures Entertainment/ Getty Images
Supported by the German Federal Film Board